Physically separated from others and the natural world during the time of COVID-19, I have been largely working in isolation and teaching remotely from my apartment in Baltimore. I have shifted my mindset so that I can more productively use this period for inner reflection, the development of new skills and the fostering of wellness. One of the ways in which I have sought to find groundedness is through indoor gardening. Here, the woman’s eyes are closed in a moment of peace as she embraces the sunflowers. The stylization of her rounded features and body are meant to mirror that of mother earth. As a mixed race artist, I thought it was important that my subject also embodied and celebrated cultural mixture. The woman depicted is Indo-African, a celebration of the rich diversity within the African diaspora. The water and vibrant colors symbolize life and vitality. The peaches on her apron metaphorically represent the fertility of the soil and, indirectly, an abundance of creativity. The sunflowers signify faith during these uncertain times. This mural is a reminder to celebrate the simple acts that bring us joy. 

This mural was a collaboration between Jessica Bastidas and Alyssa Tauber.

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