Somehow it is difficult for me to separate Darrell George’s artwork from Darrell George, the artist – both ring true to me.

Meeting Darrell when he first visted my gallery, I was a little taken aback by his straight-forward opinion and candor about the art he was seeing. He lookd at it very sensitively and tried to understand the artists’ intnestions in their creations, and allowed himself to be vulnerable to an emotional connection with the art, if any existed.

Meeting Darrell in 1998, and now depending upon him as a valued gallery assistant, I have come to see that his honesty, values and commitment to his art are encompassed in his character. I have also seen wonderul development in his progress as a young artist. Being an artist and having talent isn’t enough for success. Dedication to the craft and disipline in painting is vital for one’s style to mature and evolve. I am very excited for Darrell that he seems to have all this going for him, and more.

Anyone who spends time with Darrell can’t help but be caught up in his genuine love of art. It is also impressive that he has chosen to explore intense color and abstract compostion with his figure studies. Simple, subdued paintings aren’t passionate enough to draw the viewer into his art. The frozen expressions he portrays lead us to wonder and question the journey of the subject, as we are comforted by the art’s stillness and light.

As an art collector and gallery owner, I am always grateful to see art created for art’s sake, and find it healing and hopeful that art is shown and appreciated in the current art climate. Obviously, I am a fan of Darrell George, and am proud to display his artwork in my gallery.

James Yarosh

James Yarosh Associates
Holmdel, NJ