Lehigh Valley Style feature: The Great Creators
Leftbank Magazine Artist Interview

“The brain holds reels of cinematic like footage found easy to rewind what I wish to relive and fast forward the parts I despise.
…the figure makes its’ way towards a destination…
The journey may be frantic, hostile, submissive, or mysterious, and as their emotion lies on the brain, the still shots are frozen in time by my mind’s eye.

Paintings are the still shots manipulated by the minds eye. Manipulation comes in many ways. The mind works in strange feverish and anxious ways to capture what we can consider the last flight on this earth. Existence…undetermined, unsure, nondescript, the beautiful sights and sounds to guide us on our way in a world not easily understood.

…At night the double twisted streetlights come alive with potential as children jump in and out of puddles playing tag with their mangled reflections…
Potential lies in anything. The boundless beauty creative minds will seek can be found in the corner of any room.
I seek refuge in the human body. I find the ultimate expression of emotion is best depicted through the action of a figure. It is the exaggeration of our imperfections that I find beautiful. Expressed with subtlety, a sort of shyness helps us to see the main character in a painting as a hero. Discernible to the viewer, the figure becomes the most complicated machine on the planet, capable of expressing our insecurity, awkwardness, hostility, or joy. From the reaction and movements of the body it is possible to understand their physical and emotional destination. The viewer is tempted to look more than once, recognizing something new with each glimpse. A story for their creative fantasy is conceived.